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A Totally True Story Of Roadside Assistance

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Yay. For USAP.

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I have this thing about mornings. It works like this: I am tired and require irrational amounts of caffeine to think. Until said amount of caffeine has been consumed I would prefer not talk and/or interact with any person or thing. You can all consider yourself warned.

My boss Amy broke this rule this morning when she told me that she had, in fact, used her US Advantage Plans Roadside Assistance benefits. I’ll preface this story with a disclaimer that this is absolutely not fiction and while I’ve surely dramatized certain portions of it, as any fine narrator would, all the dates, names and facts remain essentially unchanged. In other words, I didn’t concoct it to sell the Travel Plan.

Now, I personally tend to think cars mainly work through a combination of gas and unicorn magic. So, whenever I’ve had car trouble I look under the hood and make the decision that someone should be called. You know to fix the problem. Whatever that problem may be.

Anyways, Amy had been at the mall (no doubt shopping for knickknacks and tchotchkes) when she came out to her car and it refused to start. She called her husband, but wasn’t able to get a hold of him when she remembered her US Advantage Plans Card. I had imagined this moment as an epiphany where the clouds parted and a single ray of golden sunlight shone down upon Amy’s USAP Card as she held it in the air. Instead she reported it “just started raining.”Fact: Being a USAP member automatically makes you cool.

Amy called our special number for roadside assistance and an agent was able to get help out to her in less than 10 minutes. Interesting fact: Few people are aware that Allstate Motor Club provides our roadside assistance benefits, so you’re pretty much guaranteed great customer service. Amy said not only was her agent super nice, but she stayed on the call with her and even called her back later to make sure she was back on the road.

To top it all off, the agent told Amy that her service call wouldn’t cost her a dime, which, in my mind at least, means that she should buy lunch for the office; Amy does not agree.

This story was cool on two levels: First, while we’ve had customers call in before and tell us about a good experience they’ve had with our roadside assistance program there’s still nothing like hearing about it from someone that you know and interact with each day. Second, we tried to structure the Travel Plan and other plans with roadside assistance benefits to be easy to use and make life easier, and stories like Amy’s let me know that we’re headed in the right direction.






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