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DIY Clock Destroys Your Money If You Don’t Get Up On Time

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If there wasn’t a reason for me to get up in the morning I probably wouldn’t get up (redundant I know). These days I’m much better when it comes to sleep hygiene than I used to be. I try to not drink any caffeine after 5PM, and purposely took my television out of my bedroom and moved my alarm clock across the room to make sure I’d actually get up and start my day on time.

But, let’s say you have a really difficult time waking up and you need a more extreme solution — enter this DIY alarm clock that holds your money and shreds it if you don’t wake up in time. How horrible would that be if you overslept to wake up and find $100 bill shredded up on your nightstand? Now this alarm clock is just a concept, and I honestly I can’t see anyone actually buying this.

Another good solution (and less expensive) solution is to purchase a rolling alarm clock or “Clocky”. Clocky’s have adorable wheels built into them and try to run away from you in the morning (meaning you’ll have to get up and actually catch it to make it stop).  Clocky was designed as part of a student project from an graduate student at MIT and, later, took off as various tech blogs began to praise the design and idea. And they’re cool looking and come in colors that make you happy — like raspberry.

When your alarm sounds Clocky runs away from you as if you're a giant trying to eat it.

Clocky has since been replaced with a new version called Tocky that runs away on it’s entire body, plays MP3s and has a touch screen. It’s a little on the expensive side at almost $70, but if it lets you get to work on time it might be worth it.


Tocky is the second version of Clocky and rolls with it's entire body.

Ultimately, you just need something to actually get you out of bed for a few seconds that help you to realize that “Yes” you do in fact have to go to work or do things today and “No” you can’t just stay in bed.








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