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HBO GO: I Want It

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I don’t want a cable subscription. I don’t enjoy being locked into a contract.  I don’t like having access to a vast amount of content that I’ll never watch.

Instead, I would much rather choose what I want to watch. HBO has some awesome shows I would love to have access to like Game of Thrones, Deadwood and True Blood. But, unfortunately I can’t get access to their online streaming service, HBO GO, unless I also have a cable subscription.

What is HBO GO?

HBO GO is HBO’s online service for watching their content online and is a direct competitor of Netflix. Of course, the catch is, you can only access it if you already have an HBO subscription through your cable provider. So, if you don’t have a cable subscription package, you can’t get HBO GO. This is different than Netflix, because Netflix is only a web based subscription.


How Much I Would I Pay For HBO GO?

There has been a lot of speculation as to how much an HBO GO service sans cable would cost. Most Internet people (who are never wrong) are throwing around $12 a month.

I would agree with paying around $12 a month for just the HBO GO. My dream situation would be for HBO shows to get put on Netflix. After all, I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $5 to $10 a month for Netflix, if HBO’s content was included. But, HBO just doesn’t want to budge on this and won’t release their shows to anyone except cable and satellite providers.


Tripwires for HBO GO

Why no web only for HBO GO? Basically, HBO doesn’t have a reason to offer it, at least not financially, since cable companies help HBO with marketing promotions. Cable companies offer the ‘free for 12 months’ promo to get people watching HBO, eventually hooking them into a subscription when they start getting into shows like Game of Thrones.

HBO just doesn’t have much interest in the distribution of their content because the cable companies are already doing it for them.

HBO GO let's you watch HBO content on mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and Android devices).


Watch HBO On The Cheap?

For people, like me, who don’t consume tons of media and don’t need a cable subscription, this is an unfortunate situation. I can’t easily access most of HBO’s content even though I want it. There is not even an option for them to take my money. Most of HBO’s content isn’t even on iTunes or Amazon to buy.

Currently, there’s only one real way to to get access to HBO’s awesome line of content without cable: download it, illegally. HBO needs to get off their high horse and give me some Game of Thrones action; it would make myself and all the other a la carte TV viewers in the world much happier.

Should HBO mend their differences with Netflix, or open up HBO GO, or is there more at stake?

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