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USAdvantagePlans Blog

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Do you love to read? Do you love saving money? Do you love to read about saving money? I certainly hope so since you’re now on the “quite” official USAdvantagePlan’s Blog. A place to relax, grab a cup of coffee and read about everything from car maintenance to apartment hunting. A place where everyone probably knows your name and with a wink and a big ol’ “Hay” you’ll begin to feel right at home. Or something like that.

For those not familiar with us already, USAdvantagePlans is a new take on local deals, discounts and, in general, saving boatloads of money. We offers membership plans that give you discounts on everything from roadside assistance plans, flights, vacations, restaurants and anything else you love to buy.


We’re Actually Human

Believe it or not, we’re actually people and not nameless robots from the other side of the Internet who seek to lure you with tales of discounts and adventure. We started USAdvantagePlans as a way to take advantage of the same great local deals and discounts you get from start ups like LivingSocial and Groupon. But instead waiting for local deals to be offered, we decided to create our own deals and discounts program on the things we purchase each and everyday; it’s like a discount card for life.

We’ve spent the past several years working with retailers and vendors to create an amazing membership plan that, frankly, hasn’t existed before. Until now.


Get To Know The Team

I’m not going to lie — USAdvantagePlan’s is the home of some pretty cool folks. Over the past few weeks, I’ve threatened convinced my coworkers to contribute a blog post, so you’ll be hearing from practically everyone at some point.

Rest assured the USAdvantagePlan’s blog is manned by professionals with several weeks of experience including:

Chris – Chris is formally our Web Designer and impromptu expert on all things Microsoft Word. His hobbies include “devvin’” and taking in any stray dog within a 5 mile radius. If you have a dog and can find him he will probably take it off your hands.

Jamie – Jamie is a Web Programmer and self-described expert at “.Net,” which most of the office sure is not actually a real thing. When he’s not thinking about the merits of purchasing a Mac, he creates multi-functional apps that rename files.

Matt – Matt is our Web Marketing Specialist whose duties include researching funny pictures of cats and crowd sourcing keywords based on level of perceived awesomeness. He fancies himself a wordsmith but has trouble pronouncing the word “fluorescent.”


So, You Started Blog?

Yup. Some call it a blog, I prefer the term “savings information waterfall.” Each day my esteemed colleagues and I will be posting tips for saving money on groceries, cutting back on expenses or just any other morsel of savings knowledge that we happen to find. Plus, since we know you kids love the social media, you can follow our updates on Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to our feed via RSS.

And so I invite you to participate, comment and hang out as much as is possible on a blog. Again, I swear we’re really cool.


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